Windy City Ghosts: Hauntings of Chicago

Are you ready to see the eerie remnants of the Windy City’s tattered story? Prepare yourself for a dark and creepy dive into the haunted underbelly of Chicago’s most haunted locations.

Join Windy City Ghosts as we explore a city born in the fires of violence and corruption. Explore Lincoln Park, a neighborhood built upon the city’s earliest cemetery, and experience Chicago’s haunted history up close and personal. Book your Chicago ghost tour tonight!

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Book Your Chicago Ghost Tour Tonight!

Windy City Ghosts: Hauntings of Chicago

Our walking ghost tour of Chicago will take you to some of The Windy City’s most haunted and historic locations. Visit the sites where the most gruesome murders took place, and Chicago’s most devious characters once lived. To get the most out of your Chicago ghost tour, add our Bonus Extended Tour and hear more spine-chilling stories in the Windy City!

Meeting Location: The Tin Man statue in Oz Park, 2021 N Burling, Chicago

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

We had a fantastic tour. Our tour guide was Megan and she was filled with great stories. She was knowledgeable about Chicago history and all the locat...

Wendy Wagner

Five Stars

Absolutely fantastic experience! Our Chicago ghost tour with Megan was nothing short of spectacular. Megan's storytelling was captivating and brought ...

Janet Allen

Five Stars

we had such a great time! our tour guide was friendly and personable and having a small tour made me enjoy everything a whole lot more. i'll definitel...

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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

The Grant Hospital

Apartments now stand where an 1883 hospital once was. A brutal Cholera epidemic in 1887 has left the building infested with phantoms. Many see children’s handprints on foggy windows and hear the moans of patients.

The Golden Dagger

One of the most haunted bars in Illinois, the Golden Dagger was once an occult shop that left behind unspeakable horrors. The basement, where a ceremonial dagger that acted as a supernatural wormhole was found, is the center of the building's horrifying activity.

Biograph Theatre

Renovations to this 1914 theatre where John Dillinger was shot have stirred up paranormal activity high up in the balconies. Phantom children take up seats, and ghastly apparitions have appeared behind unsuspecting guests.

The Hauntings of Chicago

Chicago is synonymous with death, despair, and destitution, so it’s no wonder the streets of Lincoln Park are filled with phantoms of the city’s dark past. From its earliest etchings as a settlement by the lake in 1780, the Windy City quickly filled with crazed criminals and malleable politicians. Disaster came in all forms, but none more deadly than the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.


Death was prevalent before the fire, a fact painfully evident as many neighborhoods, including Lincoln Park, where our tour takes place, were built upon cemeteries. The Great Chicago Fire took over 300 lives, but Chicagoans were only just seeing the start of the city’s most unspeakable horrors—the era of H.H Holmes was soon to begin. He opened a door of terror that had yet to close in the ghostly world.


Organized crime took over the city as the 20th century developed, and mobsters like John Dillinger and Al Capone staked their claim on the Windy City. In certain parts of the city, such as Dillinger’s Alley, their souls can still be felt holding onto their empires from the other side of the veil.

The Most Haunted Places in Chicago, IL


Evil persists in Chicago’s most haunted places like a sore that cannot be treated. They say that the devil himself inhabits St. Michael’s Church, one of the few buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The John Hancock Building has been associated with Lucifer through the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Lavey. It has been the site of many mysterious deaths, including Chris Farley.


Unexplainable events and actions are commonplace in a city as haunted as Chicago. In the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, many see a one-story white Victorian home appear in a translucent light before vanishing before their eyes. Windy City Ghosts pulls back the thin veil that separates these strange occurrences from our world.

Reasons to Take the Chicago Ghost Tour

Prohibition and Mobster Stories Come to Life

Nostalgia and nightmare combine as you walk through the haunted streets of Chicago, where you will hear terrifying stories of ... prohibition-era criminals and the vengeful ghosts they left behind. Infamous gangsters Al Capone and Bugs Moran battled it out in these streets, and underground murder and violence came with the underground pubs during prohibition.

Booze now legally flows through taps all over the Second City and it would appear the city has moved on from the 1920’s, but a walk through haunted Chicago will show you why ghosts of the prohibition still haunt every nook and cranny, every side street and alley.

You Love A Good Serial Killer Story

Chicago is a magnet for anyone who wants to disappear, and a prime hunting ground for those who seek to do harm. Violence is ... easily anonymous in Chicago, where the high energy of millions of people covers up the sinister, the strange and the dangerous. The city is also a magnet for those obsessed with tragic stories and serial murders.

John Wayne Gacey lived his creepy double life in Chicago, torturing victims in his home and dooming innocent souls to a terror-filled death. Child killers have abducted victims from Chicago and exercised horrific acts upon them. One of America’s first serial killers, H.H. Holmes stalked these streets. Follow the footsteps of these serial killers and more to learn the horrific stories of cold blooded murder they left behind.

You Want Chicago to Get Under Your Skin

Let the chilling Chicago night air sink into your bones as you walk with us on a haunted tour of some of the city’s most el ... ectrifying paranormal hotspots. Whether you’re a veteran ghost hunter or someone new to exploring the supernatural, Chicago offers spine-tingling stories that will stick with you long after you leave for the safety of your own bed.

Embark on a haunted walk through Chicago and really get to know the deep, dark underbelly of a city ridden with the ghosts of the past.

You Need to Walk Off Your Tour of “The Best Restaurant City in America”

As you day tour through Chicago, you can spend your time shopping at luxury and specialty shops. You can linger in art galler ... ies and enjoy entertainment. You can catch a game at a famous stadium. But at the end of the day, you’ll find the heart and soul of Chicago lies within its deep dish pizza, Chicago Style hot dogs and secret local dives. You’ll also find it’s not uncommon for your favorite restaurant to have a ghost patrolling the halls.

Discover blood-curdling stories while you walk off the calories you just gained through a day of exploring the variety of delicious foods The Jewel of the Midwest has to offer. Join us on an adventure through some of Chicago’s most haunted hotspots and stretch your legs at the same time.

You Want to Wrap Up a Day on Lake Michigan

It’s not difficult to picture the secrets that linger beneath the surface of Lake Michigan as you stand at the shoreline, l ... ooking over the vast, gray water. It’s even easier to imagine dark shapes and deadly beasts stalking the vast lake when you’re on the water itself. Even as you enjoy a summer day sailing across one of America’s biggest lakes, reminders of the grim and sinister linger just beneath the surface.

Discover chilling secrets and spine-tingling tales of horror and hauntings in the City by the Lake.

You Want to Make Your Tour of Chicago Stadiums a Smash Hit

Sports fans are drawn to Chicago from every corner of the globe thanks to the city’s plethora of stadiums and fields. From ... Wrigley Field to the Chicago Bears Stadium, there’s something for every sports lover in Chicago. After a few beers and brats at an action packed game, turn up the adrenaline another notch with a walking tour of the hauntings that surround your favorite stadiums. Up the ante with your friends and challenge them to a terrifying walk in the night among the dead that still linger in Chicago.

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